2018 – present: Teaching Fellow, Clare College, University of Cambridge, UK
present: University Lecturer, IoA & Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, UK
2018: Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK
2015 2016: Geology Option Post-doctoral Fellow, Caltech
20132015: Junior Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK
20132015: Adjunct Associate Researcher, Institute for the Study of the Earth’s Interior, University of Okayama, Japan
2013: Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science post-doctoral fellowship, Japan

Academic Record

20092013: Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge, awarded without correction
20082009: MSci (1st class) Natural Sciences (Geology) University of Cambridge
20052008: Ba (Hons, 1st class) Natural Sciences (Geology) University of Cambridge

Awards and Prizes

2015: Senior Peden Fellow, Rice University
2014: President’s Award from the Geological Society
2013: Furusato Award from the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science
2009: Huppert Prize in Geophysics
2009: Bachelor Scholarship from Queens’ College Cambridge
2009: Cambridge European Trust Scholarship for research
2008: Foundation Scholar of Queens’ College Cambridge

Grants and bursaries


2016: STFC Diamond Light Source facility – 12 shifts (FEC £80k) -The redox budget of the Iceland mantle plume: a multi-proxy approach [SP13490]
2015: STFC Diamond Light Source facility – 15 shifts (FEC £100k) – Probing the length scales of redox heterogeneity in ancient mantle domains [SP11208]
2015: STFC Diamond Light Source facility – 2 shifts (FEC £7k) -The effect of beam damage on ferric iron determinations by XANES [SP12130]
2014: NERC ion microprobe facility – £22500 (FEC) – Resolving the origin of volatiles in the Iceland plume using boron isotopes? [IMF515/0514]
: STFC Diamond Light Source facility – 12 shifts (FEC £80k)- Are enriched mantle domains more reducing? Testing geochemical-redox relationships in the mantle using Mid-Atlantic Ridge basalts [SP9446]
: NERC ion microprobe facility – £7500 (FEC) – Understanding the role of degassing in setting the redox state of mid-ocean ridge basalts [IMF495/1013]
: Geological Society Timothy Jefferson Field Research Grant – £2000 – An investigation into the history of deglaciation on Iceland
: Mineralogical Society grant – £350 – An investigation into the history of deglaciation and volcanism on Iceland

As Co-I/Project partner

2016: Project Partner, “How did primordial and recycled geochemical signatures come to coexist in the Earth’s deep mantle?” [NE/P002331/1]
Project Partner, “Oxygen fugacity structure of mantle plumes: Reconciling elemental, isotopic and Fe redox proxies” [NE/N009568/1]
Project Partner, “The Source and Longevity of Sulphur in an Icelandic Flood Basalt Eruption Plume” [NE/M021130/1]
2014: Project Partner, Oxford consortium grant “Mantle Volatiles: Processes, Reservoirs and Fluxes” [NE/M000443/1]

Invited Talks


Invited: Shorttle, O. et al. (2015), Geochemical constraints on melt formation and transport processes. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA.
: Shorttle, O. et al. (2015), Lithology and temperature: How key mantle variables control rift volcanism. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA.
Keynote: Shorttle, O. et al. (2015), Solid Earth volatile cycling. Geochemistry Society Group Meeting, Southampton, UK.
Invited: Shorttle, O. et al. (2014), Controls on OIB and MORB geochemical variability. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA.
Invited: Shorttle, O., & Maclennan, J. (2014), Geochemical variability in MORB: making the link between global and local datasets. Goldschmidt, Sacramento.
Invited: Shorttle, O., Lambart, S. & Maclennan, J. (2013), Constraining the amount of recycled material in the mantle source from basalt chemistry. EGU, Vienna.


2015: Rice, Fall 2015 Earth Sciences seminar series
: University of Edinburgh, Petrology seminar series
: ENS Lyon Department seminar
2012: Caltech, Geological and Planetary Science Division, Petrology Seminar series
2012: University of Oxford, Department of Earth Sciences, Volcano Lunch


2008 2016: Over 140 days of field experience in Iceland collecting material for major element, trace element and isotopic analysis and micro-analytical work.
2010: NERC research cruise JC049, 5 weeks active seismology, imaging sedimentary thickness across the North Atlantic.
2008: 15 days sampling Eocene – Oligocene sedimentary successions in Svalbard, Norway for glendonite horizons
2007: 35 days mapping in Spain’s Cantabrian Mountains

Outreach Activities

Coordinated “Time Truck” initiative of student Earth Sciences outreach at Cambridge University

Academic Service

Journal reviewer: Earth and Planetary Sciences, Geochemica et Cosmochimica Acta, Mineralogy and Petrology, G-cubed, Journal of Petrology



Tong Bo, Richard F Katz, Oliver Shorttle and John Rudge. The melting column as a filter of mantle trace‐element heterogeneity. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems (2018). [publisher]

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